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When we started all those years ago, Harris Park was decades away from becoming the little India of today. The Indian community had yet to establish itself as one of the most progressive and fast growing groups in Australia. And the saree was not known around the country as ‘that fabulous nine-yard dress Indians wear.’
We have seen many fashions come and go, many trends explode on the scene and fade away. But the saree has only grown in stature as well as appeal.

The growing number of non-Indian clients of The Saree Shop is testimony to the fact that while it is still a formal attire, the saree is no longer reserved for people from the subcontinent.


Many women Australian parliamentarians have proudly worn a saree for multicultural events and carrying it off with confidence and style.

The secret to the longevity of The Saree Shop is our passionate commitment to quality. It shows in hundreds of hand-picked new designs added to our collection every few months. It shows in the steadfast loyalty of our customers who are now into their second generation.You can also see it our excellent customer service.

You don’t need a special occasion to wear a saree. At The Saree Shop we have a range of designs and types that can be worn on a more regular basis with minimum maintenance.

The Saree Shop is conveniently located on Station Street East, Harris Park. Just a few minutes’ walk from both Parramatta and Harris Park stations, and plenty of on-street parking.

Come, let’s dress you up!


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